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Malaga Christmas Lights

The 2022 Málaga Christmas Light Show will be taking place on November 26th, and it’s going to last until January 5th. 2023.

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Malaga City

If you’re in Andalucia with your family, there’s no better way to spend your time than taking part in the festive switch-on and light show. The Málaga Christmas decorations will be on display this year from 6:30 pm until midnight on weekday evenings

Christmas trees are traditionally placed in five different locations around Plaza de la Marina, but there is one very special spot that deserves extra mention. The “pots of gold” tradition says you can find seven alternate representations for this popular holiday decoration—three under the bright lights near Cathedral Square and four more alongside Huelin Park’s Lake view to commemorate what we all know as La Navidad: When Child Jesus was born beneath ordinary stairs leading up from His parents’ home on earth; then handed over into temple service before being taken down again three days later where he would spend time with animals feeding them bread offerings left there by nearby humans

The sparkly lights of Calle Larios are one way to start off your evening in Malaga This street leads off Alameda Principal and it’s decorated with thousands upon arching starbursts that make up a colorful kaleidoscope from light sources hung around town, like those on offer at Fig Tree Plaza across the way! As if this wasn’t enough already there are also 2 million Christmas decorations used throughout Calle Larios

Apart from Calle Larios, almost 2 million LED bulbs light up Malaga this Christmas – Calle San Juan (parallel to Calle Nueva) has got extra festive this year with 24 giant Christmas chandeliers and an ‘Enchanted Garden. Look out for 5 giant trees:

Plaza de la Marina.

Plaza de la Constitución – you can go “inside” the tree.

Plaza del Obispo – this tree looks magical at night next to the illuminated Cathedral façade.

Plaza de Enrique García Herrera – on the square to the west of Calle San Juan. 

And in Huelin Park, lighting up the lake.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join in on this spectacular event and bring some Christmas cheer to your holiday season!

The Nativity Scene in Málaga

The most elaborate and favorite Belen are at: The Cathedral – open daily 10 am to 2 pm & 5-8.30 pm, Cofradía de Estudiantes – Monday through Saturday from 10:30 AM until about 6 or 7 PM (on Calle Alcazabilla), Carmen Thyssens Museum – during museum opening hours (10 AM until 7 PM) 

The Nativity Scene in Málaga has evolved over the centuries with some locations featuring larger figures set against scenic backdrops based on themes such as religious imagery like you would see it today during Christmas time when churches were being decorated around town but also other more modern designs too.

Belen is a tradition that brings families together during the holiday season. It allows for creativity and imagination to come alive as each Belen displayed is unique in its own way. This tradition also allows for the community to come together and appreciate the artistic talents of those who have worked hard on creating these beautiful displays. So be sure to check out

Christmas markets

Christmas markets in Málaga are a must-see for anyone looking to experience the festive atmosphere. The Paseo de Parque has lots of stalls, open 12 noon until 8 pm right through December 25th and January 1st! There’s also an arts & crafts market on the port side called El Mercadito that is worth checking out if you’re seeking that perfect gift or just want something unusual – it will be there every Sunday throughout those respective dates (from 11 am – 6 pm). And for those foodies out there, the Mercado de Atarazanas is worth visiting as it has a range of local delicacies on offer including wine, cheese, and locally-made marmalades. So come and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit at Málaga’s Christmas markets! Happy Holidays!

Why Malaga

Malaga Christmas lights are an international attraction with a long history even american people come to this international holiday tradition. The local business around in Malaga also look forward to this festive time every year. For them, the planning starts in summer, and in October the first shop is getting decorated.