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Fuengirola is a city in the Costa del Sol, Spain. The name means “Almighty Sea” or “Sea of Helios” in Spanish and can be found in several languages.

Fuengirola has a population of around 80,000 people and is a popular place for many to take holiday homes. It’s also very popular for British expats. Fuengirola is by the Mediterranean sea and has great weather all year round with temperatures averaging out at an average of 22 degrees Celsius (72 Fahrenheit).

The city has grown from just 10,000 inhabitants in 1950 to 30,000 inhabitants in 1970 due to its tourism industry growing rapidly. However it was not until the 1990s thatFuengirola saw masses of people coming in from the northern parts of Europe, mostly England.

The Costa del Sol has grown in popularity in recent years, with tourism being its biggest business. This means that the city is not only popular among British expats but also Russians, Scandinavians and Dutch

British expats account for around one quarter of Fuengirola’s population nowadays. However Fuengirola is still very Spanish at heart and is a great place to learn Spanish if you are interested.

As well as having coastal views, hotels and restaurants there is plenty to do indoors too – including bars, shops, pharmacies, supermarkets etc. There are also various clubs dotted throughout the city where you can go and dance if that is your thing. If you are into sports or just want to keep fit and healthy, there’s a gym on the outskirts of the city which also has various classes such as yoga and aerobics.

The main language of Fuengirola is Spanish but English is widely spoken too. Most of the restaurants in the centre will have menu’s in both languages for example. There are many people from all around Europe moving to this city because it has such a large British population already and therefore they would feel very welcomed here.

The climate at this time of year (July) can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit), however it is common for temperatures not to change more than 5-8 degrees throughout July