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New luxury hotel Incosol Marbella East

A New Era of Splendour Awaits at Marbella’s Incosol Hotel

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The iconic Incosol hotel in Marbella, Spain, is set to return to its former glory and become a world benchmark for health and wellbeing as it has just been purchased by investment fund Ilanga Investments. This Tuesday morning, 20 December, the news was announced that this five-star luxury establishment will reopen in the first half of 2025 after an extensive transformation costing 150 million euros.

The Iconic Incosol Hotel

The Incosol hotel opened in 1974 as a hotel specialising in health tourism.

Before it closed down in 2013, this iconic destination was a favourite with celebrities and royalty such as Deborah Kerr, Princess Diana, Prince Rainier of Morocco, Audrey Hepburn, Salvador Dalí, Michael Jackson and many others.

From its prime location on Golf Río Real to its incredible amenities and services such as outdoor pools, tennis and padel courts and spa facilities—Incosol had it all.

What The Transformation Entails

The new owners plan to transform the 70s modernist building into a residential complex for long-term rental or sale with an emphasis on wellness and relaxation.

It will also offer accommodation for events such as weddings or conferences. In addition to renovating the existing building structure, the project includes adding two more buildings with 19 apartments each—all of which will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The transformation is expected to take approximately three years to complete and upon completion should become a major tourist attraction in Marbella once again.

What We Can Expect When Reopened

When reopened in 2025 we can expect guests at the Incosol hotel to enjoy classic Mediterranean cuisine served up at its restaurant; beach club experiences; an exquisite spa area; luxurious rooms; and activities such as golfing on nearby courses as well as art galleries showcasing local talent from both Spain and abroad.

In other words—it’s going to be one of those places where you just never want your stay to end!


If you’ve ever wanted to visit one of Marbella’s most iconic hotels then now is your chance!

With its stunning location right on Golf Río Real plus all the luxurious amenities it offers—including cuisine inspired by classic Mediterranean recipes served up at its restaurant—the Incosol hotel is sure to become one of the must-visit destinations for travellers who are looking for an unforgettable experience when visiting Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol region!

Make sure you mark your calendar for 2025 when this amazing transformation is complete so that you can be one of the first people through their doors!

Source: Image @diarosur