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Bolig priserne i Spanien stiger med 1,1 % om måneden i november House prices

House prices in Spain rise by 1.1% a month in November

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House prices in Spain rise by 1.1% a month in November this is based on an article in the Observatorio Inmobilaria as well as data from the national index TINSA

The property market in the south of Spain and especially on the Costa del Sol is still a good place to invest or simply buy property.

Investing in real estate in uncertain times has always been a good business if done with a longer perspective than just a few years.

As the graph from Tinsa shows, prices have gone up in recent years, but the area has not yet reached the peak that was just before the Finnish crisis in 2007.

The Spanish sunshine coast will continue to be an attractive destination in Europe and Malaga will still offer newly built homes with stunning views, international restaurants, many attractions, good hotels and much more. The weather will still be some of the best in Europe so buying a property in Spain will be an investment that is safe for many years.

Regions Andalusia

In 2022, there has been a continued increase in demand for properties located around major cities.

House prices have risen in 2022 in Andalusia and right now there is a lot of interest especially from buyers from the US.

Being able to work remotely, which was a necessity during the Corona pandemic, has confirmed that it is not necessary to live in a small apartment but there is the possibility to experience the Costa del Sol and the Sun Coast while working.

This helps to maintain the price trend.

New homes are often sold long before they are built.

Balearic Islands and Canary Islands

It is not only Andalusia that is experiencing high demand. Several other areas are also in demand.

Generet are areas that have a good airport, a good destination and where it is easy to get around.


Don’t wait to buy a home. Malaga is located in one of the best areas in Europe and your inversion here will certainly be able to bring you back home.

If you think prices will fall as much in Spain as in northern Europe, remember that you are dealing with an international market. A good deal on houses and apartments today is gone tomorrow

Kontakt os gerne for rådgivning om omkostninger ved at købe bolig i Spanien eller andet der kunne være relevant for dit hus køb på Costa del Sol