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Winter in Andalucia

The Andalucian winter is one of the mildest in Europe.

Days is in general around 2 hours longer than in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and also longer than in central Europe.

Temprature is mild during the day but can be cold during the nights. If you are at the coast it is very unausally if you se snow and that will also melt within som hours. Inland is more different and here you can get snow that last for some time but normally not a problem.

Highs during the day

The average highs during December, January and February is 16,15,17 but on a clear sunny day with no wind you will se people on the beach soaking up the sunshine.

Hours of sunshine

The sun raise just after 8.00 in the morning and sunset is around 18.00 in the evning. This will make a perfect clear sunny day of just over 9 hours of sun in the winter. Where can you else in Europe enjoy that kind of lifestyle ?