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Casares Costa properties for sale

Why Casares Costa Should Be Your Next Home

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Casares Costa is a beautiful white village with an old-world charm that will take your breath away. It’s located only nine miles from the hustle and bustle of the coast, yet it remains relatively untouched by the coach tour circuit.

There are three types of properties available in Casares – apartments on or near the coast, large country luxury villas located in the hills, and smaller townhouses within the village itself. Let’s explore why you should consider making Casares your next home.

Stunning, amazing and panoramic

Casares Costa sunrise 1

Casares is a postcard-perfect village with a population of just three thousand people. It has all of the traditional sugar cubes perched high atop an Arab castle and it will capture your heart instantly.

CASARES is a stunning village located on the edge of majestic cliffs and counted amongst Malaga’s picturesque “pueblos blancos”.

According to local legend, Julius Caesar himself visited Casares due its healing waters he believed could alleviate an ailment which had long troubled him. Visitors today can marvel at remains of his former villa — now classed as one of Spain’s national monuments!

Casares is the place to be this September, where locals and visitors alike come together in a celebration of local culture! Traditional folk dances like ‘casareno’ fill the streets with vibrant music while feasting on unique food and wine abounds.

All are welcome to join as Casares honors its beloved Patron Saint: The Virgin del Rosario – an event not to miss!

Casares is a captivating place, home to an intriging mix of historical monuments and churches as well as prehistoric remains like the Iber-Roman fortress of Lacipo or the famed Baths de la Hedioda.

Take in nature’s beauty at Sierra Bermeja and Crestallina de Utrera for breathtaking views that are sure to take your breath away – perfect for unwinding after exploring this stunning destination!

You can spend your days walking around its cobblestone streets, admiring its incredible architecture, and taking in all that nature has to offer.

There are also hiking trails and beaches nearby for those who want to explore further afield.

Affordable properties for sale

Casares offers affordable properties with sea views for sale for those looking to buy property in this beautiful area of Costa del Sol.

Apartments on or near the coast tend to be more economical than villa with private garden located in the hills, but there are still plenty of options for buyers who are looking for something luxurious and spacious.

The smaller townhouses within the village itself provide an excellent opportunity if you’re looking for something more accessible yet still quaint and charming.

Discover the best of coastal living in Casares!

Set amidst three stunning golf courses and built up since 2000, here you can find beachside villas as well as inland properties for sale.

Brand new luxury apartment, penthouses or villas with private garden and sea views and close to the beach or located on a golf resort from only € 144.000 yes you still find properties for sale in Casares on Costa del Sol

Make sure to check out Alcazaba Lagoon for a truly special experience – with its own private lagoon, it’s definitely one-of-a kind!

Alcazaba Lagoon
Alcazaba Lagoon

Whether on foot or via roundabout from MA8300 road leading all the way up to village level: indulge yourself in this contemporary paradise today.

The Perfect Lifestyle Choice

Casares Costa provides an ideal lifestyle choice for people who want to enjoy life at a slower pace without sacrificing convenience or amenities.

Its close proximity to both Marbella and Estepona means that you won’t have far to go if you need access to bigger cities or airports – yet you’ll still get to enjoy all that this little village has to offer every day of the week!

Are you looking for a golf courses or just like living in a golf resort Costa del Sol and Casares have it

From its stunning beauty to its affordable real estate prices and convenient location, there’s no doubt that Casares is one of Spain’s most desirable locations right now – so don’t miss out on making it your next home!


Casares Costa is one of Spain’s most picturesque villages with a unique charm that can’t be found anywhere else in the country.

Not only does it boast awe-inspiring beauty with cobblestone streets lined with white houses, but it also offers excellent real estate opportunities at affordable prices!

Plus, its close proximity to Marbella and Estepona make it an ideal choice for those who want access to big cities without having to sacrifice their peace and quiet at home – so why not make Casares Costa your next home?

With everything there is on offer here, we think you’ll find this little slice of paradise hard to resist!