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The view Marbella

The View Marbella

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The View Marbella Phase 2

Today marks a significant milestone in luxury real estate as we unveil Phase 2 of The View Marbella, a beacon of opulence nestled in the heart of Spain’s sun-drenched Costa del Sol. This eagerly awaited launch builds on the success of its predecessor, introducing an additional 58 luxury properties that promise unparalleled sea views and an unmatched living experience

At The View Marbella, every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the luxury experience. Phase 2 continues the tradition of excellence, offering a choice between spacious 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments, each designed with an eye for elegance and a commitment to quality. These homes are not just living spaces; they are masterpieces of design, where every corner reflects a deep commitment to exquisite aesthetics and comfort.

The View Marbella Masterplan Phase 2

What sets The View Marbella apart is not just its stunning architecture or the breathtaking vistas it offers but also its innovative approach to living. With the completion of this phase, the project will encompass 70 residences, each with a floor plan carefully studied to maximize space, light, and views, ensuring a unique and personal living experience for every resident.

As we celebrate the launch of Phase 2, we invite you to discover the pinnacle of luxury living at The View Marbella. Explore our new offerings and find your dream home where every day is a journey of luxury, comfort, and beauty.