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Lifestyle is a term that is often linked to quality of life and health which is impaired if the person does not have a balanced relationship with the things that are included in the person’s lifestyle. For example, it refers to the way we as human beings or groups of people make our choices about different conditions in the way we live with social interaction, hobbies, diet, physical activity, enjoyment, stress, circadian rhythm, getting enough sleep and their consumption of material. thing.

In general, one can say about lifestyle that it is the way one lives his life, the way we want to see ourselves and want others to see us. In other words, lifestyle is many things and it is individual from person to person.


Villa Katya

Champagne, delicious food, luxury brand such as Louise Vuitton, Gucci and expensive cars like Ferrari and Porsche as well as villas or penthouses with panoramic views of the Mediterranean where one can see Africa on the horizon are a lifestyle for some.


olive farm

For others, lifestyle is something completely different, such as a small Finca (small farm) with a little olive grove a little inland, where they grow their own organic olive oil and where everything is less hectic and more relaxed, yet not so far from the coast to they can go for a walk on the beach with the family.

Metropolitan life / City Life

Plaza de Cibeles Madrid

And others again want to live in a big city with many people where there is life and walking in it, and everything is just around the corner.

Costa del Sol offers

Lots of sunny days with great views with lots to the sea with the white sandy beaches or the mountains with the small olive groves are a luxury in and of themselves if you come from the somewhat flatter Denmark.

Lovely international and national restaurants serving tapas and today’s menu at reasonable prices, for gourmet dinners in the expensive price range, shops known from home and exciting small Spanish designs and souvenir shops.

Exciting experiences just around the corner for a few hours’ drive from here, for example:

a trip to Sierra Nevada where you can ski and snowboard or just enjoy the view and the atmosphere or a trip to the city of Tabernas in the province of Almería, to see Mini Hollywood the Spanish western amusement park Oasys.

Not to forget the new great Designer Outlet McArthurGlen in Malaga.

Or better yet, a walk in the blue so you can see, smell and feel the beautiful nature up close.

You choose the lifestyle that suits you, whether it be the luxurious, the active, the relaxed or a completely different one – yes, it’s entirely up to you, because we have it all here along the coast on the Costa del Sol. 

A little fact about lifestyle groups

There are as many different lifestyles as there are people in the world, but common to all of them is that they can be divided into four groups:

The traditional and material

For this group of people, it means they have lost their roots, but they have many of the same things in common as the traditional and idealistic group. They often seem to lack a foothold in their lives – both in terms of relationships with society and in the group. Therefore, they compensate by seeking modern offers and refuge in associations, leisure interests, sports and the like. to have a relationship in their lives.

The traditional and idealistic

In this group you are rooted in local areas where you feel a strong connection with everyone in the neighborhood. The culture here is traditional and idealistic and, in many areas, the most “original”. In groups like this, one’s “almost” always perceived to be one’s closest, while the more frightening the world, the further away it is.

The Individualist – Modern and material

Here we are talking about people who believe in themselves and rarely agree with certain groups, they are often followed by others who have the same meaning and go in the same direction as themselves. This group believes that society rewards those who try and work for it fairly and because it is a relatively reasonable system.

The Idealist – Modern and solidarity

This group is also among the modern and idealistic, but with people who have a strong solidarity and the same education. Most often they regard society and everything outside their own group with some skepticism and as something that is “higher” than group and themselves. Depending on the development, they tend to feel beleaguered or better than the society that surrounds them.