Nueva Andalucía

The second largest urbanization in the Region of Malaga, Nueva Andalucia is a beautiful and modern master-planned community about ten minutes from Puerto Banus.

It’s where many go to have a choice residence or holiday home.

Life here is holistic — full of spa treatments for those who need them, natural cures from health food shops and organic produce from an abundance of grocery stores and markets selling everything imaginable, including clothes and shoes).

And as you make your way from one part of Nueva Andalucia to another, there are peaceful little shops and restaurants waiting for you on the corner.

The saturday street marked on Avenida Pilar Calvo goes from Centro Commercial Centro Plaza to the footsteeps of Puerto Banus

Cost of living


Golf courses


Beach Clubs


You find some of the most prestige villas in Nueva Andalucia but you also have a wide choice of luxury apartments in some of the many urbanisations.

Life here will be very enjoyable all year round