Benalmadena is a town located on the southern coast of Spain, which is part of the Malaga province. This area experiences predominantly warm weather all year round with approximately 3000 hours of sunshine per year and an annual rainfall of about 300 millimeters. Benalmadena has a population of around 67,625 residents within a 5 km radius of this beautiful beachfront community.

The city was previously known as Balad al-Madinah which means ‘prosperous country’. In 1961, it was agreed that this name would be changed to Almayate due to its negative association but this decision ultimately fell through. It was then determined during 1953 that the area should be renamed as Benalmádena which comes from the Arabicphrase “Ben al-Madina” which means ‘son of the city’. The area was once home to a significant number of people who were involved in mining activities. However, this industry has since declined and today, Benalmadena is known for its abundance in sunshine and pristine beaches

Spanish culture can be somewhat evident in daily life throughout this community although there are various influences from other countries such as Morocco. There is also a very popular street market that takes place weekly where local produce can be purchased such as vegetables and spices.

Location: Malaga Province

Population: 67,625 residents

Cost of living

The cost of living is from cheap to midle compared to other areas on Costa del Sol

Cost of living medium


Golf courses


Beach Clubs


Benalmadene is very popular by people from the Nordics. There are all types of properties forsale

The area is a great place to invest in a property for holliday lettings and normally investing here can not go wrong.