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Plexo Properties was started in my mind in 2011 when my wife and I bought our apartment here on the Costa del Sol. We were shown around by several Real Estate Agents and they did as a whole very well but .. there is always room for improvement and that is the improvement I would like to bring to the market with Plexo Properties.

Buying a home abroad is a demanding process as there are many unknown areas . The biggest challenge for most people is the language, the documents and the mentality of the trade.

Finding the right home is also a challenge as there are more than 20,000 homes for sale and a huge selection of new homes in addition. This is where collaboration with other professional real estate agents comes in that makes it possible to find a home based on your budget and requirements for the property and location. Especially the location is important as areas can be lovely and populated in the summer but if the property is to be used outside the high season then maybe it is too quite. Something to think about

Thru a good network of professional people in, for example, finance department, lawyer, notary and more. we ensure that the trade takes place in a safe environment not only during but also after. I have deliberately chosen to have independent partners to do all the legal and financial tasks in the transaction so that there is no conflict of interest as if it were own in-house lawyers used. If you, as a customer, want to use a third party to do the job, this is not a problem either.